Jay Cover - Nice to see you again #1


Edition: 30
Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
3 colour risograph

Frame info: Contemporary smooth matt wooden frame. A3 size. 17mm wide. Made in UK.

This print series 'nice to see you again' focuses around a character, could be me could be you. Happy to see the spring come in, pleased to see the leaves on the trees, having some fun welcoming back the sun.

Part of our 'Spring Spring Spring' exhibition

Jay is one third of Nous Vous a collective of visual artists who have a broad, evolving practice and have been working closely with each other since 2007. Jay is interested in art, design, life, work, nature and the supernatural. He is currently attempting to develop a thoughtful drawing practice, with a focus on mark-making interpreting content from his observatory writing practice, which he views as a meditation on labour and nature.