Jay Cover - Cover's Versions


Coil bound, hardcover 30 page, 4 colour Risograph-printed publication. Cover features hand applied tape, tracing paper and artist statement. A3 pull out. Printed and bound at London Centre For Book Arts.

Statement / disclaimer:

This book is fan art.

'These artworks aren’t mine, I have no claim over them other than that I consciously plagiarised and curated those forgeries together here in this book. Recreated in wax crayon at a much smaller scale so that the fabrication was both difficult and added a sense of futility to the reproduction. I put them through a print process that both unifies the copies and again distances them from their original, more magnificent form. I imagined a dream show, where one artwork from one artist was exhibited, an exhibition where I could bring together some artworks that follow a similar line of visual inquiry, with others that would compliment and contrast. An exhibition based on my visual preference. Before I could get these artworks together, celebrate, revel in simply seeing them together, feel their presence and the joy they radiate, meditate on their meaning, before my dream could build it was uprooted and extinguished. Imagining the process of gathering these artworks and permissions to be too tall a task for a humble admirer. Through making this book I’m cutting through the red tape, I’m going out on a limb, I’m taking my dream back.

I fear some will accuse me of profiteering from the artworks and the artists. This is true. Accounting for my time making, recreating, printing, binding, finishing I will earn just less than £5 an hour, without a guarantee that this book will sell. The real profit for me is in collecting these artworks together and realising my ambition of seeing them side by side in one place. To research through imitation and further investigate and to attempt to understand what constitutes my own ambiguous visual preference.

You will find a visual index in the rear of the book, documenting who the originators of the artworks are.'