Jordy van den Nieuwendijk #3


Edition: 26
Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
3 colour risograph
Signed & Numbered

Frame info: Contemporary smooth matt wooden frame. A3 size. 17mm wide. Made in UK.

Philip Larkin famously loved jazz because it was an art form that needed little to no explanation in order to be enjoyable. Jordy’s work is like jazz: a chaotic, heady blend of motion and freedom delivered with knowing wit, humour and tradition. Most importantly, it’s totally attainable. His palette is instantly recognisable, the primary colours used within it are the first we learn as children and the subjects are things we know and love: people, plants spectacles and curly hair surrounded by shapes we associate with joy: swirls, loops, squiggles, corkscrews, sun.

There’s no one like Jordy van den Nieuwendijk. He’s been churning out work at an impressive rate since 2009, but he actually began much earlier - drawing pictures for the girls in his class until the discovery of graffiti turned him into a part-time criminal and devout artist. Tired of making work that by default must be unsigned and anonymous, Jordy spent five years training at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam and had a stint at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague - a place renowned for its ability to nurture some of the world’s most fascinating, unique artists and designers. Bored with his artistic style, he famously held a funeral for his alter ego in the back yard of the Royal Academy in order to be reborn creatively and start afresh. 

First shown at the London Illustration Fair 2016