Stephen Smith - Mother & Child


Edition: 30
Dimensions: 42cm x 59cm
4 colour risograph
Signed & Numbered

Printed at Charles Nypels Lab, specialists in large format risograph printing. We are thrilled to collaborate with them to create unique A2 sized works of art exclusive to Yuck Print House.

Stephen Smith makes work that draws on conspiracy theories, bit-rot, psycho-geography and post-traumatic landscapes. Stephen works predominately with painting, drawing, print and installation. He uses a process of formal abstraction to deconstruct and reconstruct the form and language of the work. Through this themes, forms and motifs are built up and re-worked over time, with each iteration new works are formed in which the dialogue is in a state of flux.

Recent work has largely focused on large scale machine sewn paintings based on a residency trip he took with Unknown Fields Division (Architectural Association, London) to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl and the Russian Space Centre. He has exhibited his work internationally including: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Nam June Paik Centre (South Korea) and Mu (Netherlands).

Stephen Smith also works under the studio name of Neasden Control Centre.