Printing Methods


The Risograph commonly referred to as Riso, is a printing technic made from a special printer invented in the mid 1980’s in Japan close to the photocopy machine which prints small formats at high speed.  Similar to Screen print, each colour of the Riso is printed one after the other as layers, with each colour being a new layer of ink, operated by an ink drum. The final result gives a nice vintage style to the artwork.

Screen Printing

Screen print, also known as serigraphy or silkscreen print is a method of creating an image on paper, fabric or some other object by pressing ink through a screen with areas blocked off by a stencil. Most of the screen prints available at Yuck are hand-printed in limited editions numbered and signed by the artists.

Giclee printing

The Giclee print is a print made from a high definition digital inkjet printer. It is currently the highest quality in terms of digital printing on the market. Yuck uses a 12 colours printer in order to get the larger range of colours available. The inks are made from natural pigment and the various paper chosen are of the highest fine art quality in order to guarantee true, stable and lifetime resistance of colours for your artworks.