Ricardo Passaporte #1


Sold Out

Edition: 30
Dimensions: 30cm x 42cm
4 colour risograph
GF Smith colorplan 240gsm paper
Signed & Numbered

Frame Info: Contemporary smooth matt wooden frame. A3 size. 17mm wide. Made in UK.

Ricardo Passaporte is an artist living in Lisbon. 

The idea behind a logo is to reach the greatest number of people, people with a high aesthetic sense or non-existent. It has to be perfect or, at least, 100% recognizable even if you only could see 1/4 of it. The idea behind graffiti is very similar, to reach the greatest number of people , imposing words and shapes repeatedly.

When we look to Ricardo´s paintings it seems to be somehow contradictory. If we think that the LIDL logo is a result of countless tests to reach a "perfection", it will automatically lead us to something that resulted from something methodical, clean and functional. Unlike Ricardo´s painting that requires a good level of "self-discontrol" as if he has no respect for the canvas itself but respects the aesthetic of the logo design. Ricardo Passaporte rejects his painting skills, focused only in the medium and in the matters, he paints with his right hand as if he couldn´t control the spray can properly or if it was the left hand. There is a relation between creation / destruction where it´s impossible to know what comes first.