Sonnenzimmer - Graphic Arts Future


Graphic Arts Future (book & LP) published by Sonnenzimmer.

Graphic Arts Future asks the question of today, tomorrow, yesterday—where does 2D expression start and where does it end. Graphic ArtsFuture is in that realm between seeing and reading, sloppy thinking and precise feeling. It's the space that triangulates visceral and intellectual knowledge, that creates dimension for expression to transcend the normal vernacular. Graphicacy was argued to be an important part of elementary education. It would serve as an ambassador, a bridge, or a connector between literacy and numeracy. It moves and grooves with us, a time capsule...of a new dawn.

Book: 11.5 x 11.5 inches, 24 pp., screen printed book on grapesicle French Paper, perfect bound open binding. Featuring essays and illustrations from artists Alexander Valentine, Edie Fake, Julia V. Hendrickson, Todd Irwin, Daniel Mellis, Sonnenzimmer; interviews with Anders Nilsen, and Katherine Young. Edited by Lauren Weinberg. First printing, ed. 100.

Record: 12" black vinyl, music by Nick Butcher & Nadine Nakanishi; with contributions by Keefe Jackson, Jordan Martins, Jason Roebke. Recorded at the Sullivan Building by Nick Butcher, and Mayfair Workshop by Mark Greenberg. Mastered by Brian Labycz. Listen here: